Saturday, June 15, 2013

Core Hound Pup

My pet collecting journey started the moment that I logged in to my new WoW account.  The Core Hound Pup is one of the simplest pets to obtain and I honestly got him without knowing that I was going to get him.  All you have to do is have a Blizzard Authenticator attached to your account and you receive this little guy in your in-game mail!

I had a Blizzard Authenticator attached to my account from my Diablo 3 days, so I didn't even have to do anything to get my Core Hound Pup.  Now he's running around the Eastern Kingdoms with me as I level (dinged 42 last night, almost "halfway" to 90!)

This guy can be used as a battle pet, but I haven't dove into that system yet, so I'll have to reserve judgement on his battle skills.  He looks pretty viscous though...

Check out my Core Hound Pup Guide on Hubpages here.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beginning of a Journey

Pet collecting in World of Warcraft (WoW) has been around since the game launched in 2004 and has grown in popularity so much that Blizzard expanded on the purely cosmetic aspect of the game and introduced Pet Battles to the game, giving players more achievements to strive for and more pets to obtain.

I personally played WoW during college, which was mostly 2007-2009.  I kept my accounts open for a while after school, but never really got into the game again after my guild played through most of Wraith of the Lich King.  After a while, I got bored and stopped playing the game altogether and my accounts were cancelled.  I moved on to other things like a real job, other games, and spent less and less time in the gaming world.

Fast forward to 2013 - I'm now working for an IT company, which means that I'm around other gamers most than I had been when I quit playing WoW.  Over the course of several happy hours/nights out/nights in, my new friends and I began talking about gaming and reminiscing about the "good 'ole days" of WoW in Vanilla and Burning Crusade.  I started to get the itch...

I scratched my WoW itch by diving into Diablo 3 and even did a blog about turning the Real Money Auction House concept into a profitable venture.  You can check out my musings here at Diablo 3 Profits.  I ended up making a decent chunk of change and had a lot of fun doing it, but that game has slowly died out and lost its appeal to me.

Now, I'm finally diving back into WoW.  I started up a brand new account (yes, I'm that crazy) and rolled up a Warlock on my friend's server.

Since I quit WoW the first time, I've started and written for several blogs about gaming, life, and other odds and ends.  Part of the appeal for me in playing WoW again, other than being able to spend some of my gaming time with friends, is to get back into pet collecting.  Pets and mounts were two of my favorite things to quest for and earn in WoW back in the day, and I wanted to start over with a focus starting on collecting pets.  I also thought that my experiences may be good writing material and that I could entertain or help others in their quests for building up their pet collections.

So far, I have one whole pet and am level 18 on my Human Warlock.  I plan on posting about each and every pet that I obtain, and writing guides on my Hubpages account on how find the pets that I find in my adventures.

I hope that you enjoy following my progress as much as I plan on enjoying the journey.